Book – Flow

FlowAfter several of my favorite books mentioned Flow, my curiosity did not leave any options beside reading the original source. The book is absolutely wonderful!  Its subject is human happiness; but the topic is approached so elegantly and thoughtfully, that the book is quoted in many business books that came across my desk.

The most interesting:

  • People experience a state of satisfaction with life, which is called “flow” as it is perceived as such to the person who experiences it
  • People do not experience “flow” during any activity – this state is reserved to activities that allow mastery of the topic and application of a skill – learning, improvement, and quick feedback
  • People are more likely to experience “flow” at work than during leisure time – work activity more often allow skill improvement and mastery of the subject
  • happyAbility to feel satisfaction with life does not always depend on circumstances of life; autotelic people are more likely to find satisfaction in generally dim situations
  • Surprisingly, even if people more likely to experience “flow” at work, they would prefer to avoid work if they could 😉
  • Work can be better organized to improve possibility that “flow” can be found; the work needs to be organized to allow learning and master.  It would also be beneficial to help people to develop autotelic personalities – teach them to recognize opportunities for action, to hone their skills, to set reachable goals

Wonderful book about satisfaction with life and numerous examples of people who enjoyed their experiences, overcame challenges, and was probably truly happy.


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