Eloqua – Road to Revenue 2013

road-to-revenueVery good event as usually, and this year very well attended by local marketers.  The food was absolutely spectacular!  The best event breakfast, snack, and lunch I can remember – ever 🙂

A few points from the event:

Some of Eloqua’s new features that we all would love to see are becoming availabe:

  • Editing HTML in eloqua
  • Visual click through reports are coming back to E10 maybe by the end of this year
  • Zip upload – nice 😉
  • Analyzer access – it looks like the access license can be transferred to a partner company, but in this case, the organization does not have the access itself.

One of the themes of this year event was content marketing, and it is not surprising.

Every scrap of content we ever create is blog-worthy

80%-90% of blog readers are first time visitors who found the content somewhere else

New slide for the changing sales funnel



Compendium – a software allowing organize, manage, and analyze effectiveness of marketing content.  Beyond exciting!!


Oh, yes, there are so many interesting and exciting things in marketing, that at some points it all seems overwhelming.  One of the presentation slides described perfectly (in my opinion) everything what a marketer is expected to do and how a marketer feels about it.