MN Search – CRO and Search: You Should Test That

ChrisGreat event!  This is the first time I saw CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in the title of an event.  I was more familiar with LPO (Landing Page Optimization), but CRO as an all-encompassing term makes perfect sense.

Ha!  Based on general marketing concern, Conversion Optimization became first priority and even overcome Social Media in importance – the latest marketers’ obsession.

Chris Goward presented a wonderful overview of the topic; a few notes from the event:

rotating .

  • The process of testing is highly important – the recommendation “just start testing” is not wise.
    1. Create testing plan
    2. Continuous iterative testing
  • Approach to the large sites:
    • Rank page potential (what can be improved)
    • Rank importance of the page for the business
    • Rank ease (political and technical possibilities…  home page might have the best potential, but be politically impossible to optimized)
    • Prioritize pages based on the rank and start testing






  • “Look at your page…  cut the copy in half, then cut the copy in half again”  (though we know – some pages convert better with longer copy – testing is important…  but cutting copy is a good heuristic 😉  )
  • Shorter forms – embed.  Longer forms – put on the other page. This is new to me…
  • Excellent point: put all test results into a “playbook” and make it available for the business. 
  • Google Optimizer was an excellent tool; the current option within GA is not as good – it diverts traffic to the version that seem to be winning on a preliminary results.  Better use other tools.
  • Recommended tool – Optimizely – an affordable took with large number of happy  ustomers and a free trial (yes, I would love to try it…  most likely will 😉  )


BookUnfortunately, I did not come to the event early enough to get the free book  You Should Test That!, but I will get (and read it!) eventually.  I am looking forward to it 😉

The topic is very interesting and finally getting more attention – as it deserves.  However, it is surprising to watch how much energy we spend to put more traffic into the funnel rather than fixing the “leaky basket”  – hopefully, the industry clarifying its priorities.


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