Book – The End of Power

The-End-of-PowerVery intriguing and thought-provoking book.   The book highlights the changing nature of power in every area of our live.

Earlier in human history, a weaker military force would achieve its objectives in a military conflict in about 12% of the conflicts; however, the recent data suggests, now a weaker military force can achieve its objectives in 55% of conflicts…

The tenure of the average CEO halved from about 10 years in 1990 to about 5 years now.

New political movements emerge quickly and often have national or even international scope.

Conservative middle-eastern countries see divorce rate increase; in Kuwait, the divorce rate among college-educated couples reached 47%

This “decay” of power extends beyond the shift of influence from developed to developing countries, or among regions of the world. Mr. Naím points to three broad revolutions: “more” of everyone and everything that overwhelms the means of control; “mobility” of people and ideas that has ended captive audiences; and “mentality”—a transformation of aspirations, expectations and values such that individuals “take nothing for granted anymore.” Together, the “3 M’s” have made power easier to get, harder to use and easier to lose.  WSJ

Another interesting point: social media often perceived as a catalyst of political movements – it may not be entirely correct.  “Arab Spring” originated from a critical mass of frustrated, yet educated youth.  The clicks on the related tweets came mostly from the outside of the country.  Modern media is definitely a tool, but the “mentality” revolution is more likely catalyst of the change that used social media as a channel.

Highly recommend!

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