Eloqua Users Group – May 2013



Very useful event as usually.  We reviewed the latest developments, issues, and rumors 😉 .  One of interesting points: nobody seem to found a way of connecting email design, development, and Eloqua.  Actually, I don’t remember anybody at the event who figured a perfect way for email design itself – who does it?  Vendors?  In-house?  A combination??  It is probably a good opportunity for a new company to come to the market with a good knowledge of emails design and coding… and make all of us happy 😉


ArchivesOther points and links:

Relationship One maintains an archive of Eloqua Users Group presentations  – very convenient to know.


NormalatorNormalator – another Eloqua app – the app allows to clean up data base easier than a traditional “data washing machine” and is considered easier to setup for people who are not familiar with Program Builder


We also mentioned an article How to Capture Referring Sources to Landing Pages and in Forms using Query Strings and what can be done to setup Eloqua forms (and combination with analytics).  My honest realization is the need for knowledgeable consultants when any form settings, etc. is accomplished.


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