Book – Conversations That Win the Complex Sale

book-conversationsWonderful book, very useful for marketers, and a pleasure to read!  🙂   I particularly liked the examples of differentiation – the Value Wedges – from different companies; in many case the companies seemingly have a very common product.

Interesting points:

  • One CMO’s description of a sales meeting: “You’d better be able to tell me something I don’t already know, about a problem I didn’t even know I had, if you want to get a meeting with me.”
  • You want to focus on the area where what you can do for the customers is different from what the competition can do – The Value Wedge.  This area must be 1. Important to your prospect, 2. Unique to your company, 3. Defensible.



  • Differentiation of a cleaning service: cleaning for health “Get healthier clean at no extra cost.”
  • The Hammock – any message will be remembered not in its entirety: the beginning is remembered at 70%, end at 100%, and the middle only at 20%.  During the middle of the presentation the information need to be unusual/unexpected/interesting.



  • Good content to use “in the hammock” – the grabbers:
    • What if you …   questions (what if your documentation was automatically created for you…)
    • Number plays (giving a few numbers and then explaining the meaning of the numbers
  • Promoting hand-washing in a hospital: taking a culture from physicians’ hands after lunch, demonstrating the result, and using the picture of the result as a screen saver on all hospital computers

Defining the Value Wedge is probably the most difficult part for any company 😉