Book – Anti Fragile

anti-fragileFascinating book – intellectually dense, useful for the understanding of the world, and wonderfully entertaining.  The book describes state of our world as a system, which is in large scale anti fragile, but is built on fragile sub systems and individual elements.

As we can not predict future events, or stressors of the system, we can classify different systems as anti-fragile (which improve after experiencing the stressor – evolution and adaptation of the species) or fragile (which are damaged after experiencing a stressor – bunking system).  Improvements from the volatility is called convexity, and damage from volatility is called concavity.

Anti-fragile systems typically have fragile individual components.  For examples, as individuals we are fragile, but as species we are anti-fragile and capable of benefiting from volatility.

Whatever we can do to increase optionality on the individual and societal level, it will be beneficial respectively to the individual and the society.  Unfortunately, as inherently fragile individuals, our ability to increase our individual anti fragility is limited 🙂

The WSJ article “Learning to Love Volatility” is a short explanation of the concept of volatility and anti fragility.

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