MN Search – Remarkable Retargeting

retargetingThe event gave an excellent overview of Retargeting.  Interestingly, SEO and PPC is considered higher ROI activities, but Retargeting is following after that.  Personalized retargeting ads could work 6 times better than general ads.

6 types of retargeting every marketer should know

  1. Search retargeting (advertising to individuals who searched for relevant terms on search engines)
  2. Site retargeting (advertising to individuals who previously visited company’s site – probably most commonly associated with “retargeting”)
  3. SEO/SEM retargeting (considers keywords used to arrive to the site)
  4. Email retargeting (considers email activity…  hm… would it be classified as automation rather than retargeting)?
  5. Contextual retargeting (targeting specific traffic of a different, but contextually relevant site)
  6. Engagement retargeting (targeting based on interactions with videos, games, etc.)



Interesting: there is also option for Facebook retargeting, which is currently less expensive than some other options.  Facebook also allows uploading of the house list and retargeting those who happen to have a profile on Facebook.  Most likely works for b-to-c rather than b-to-b audience.

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