Eloqua Users Group – March 2013

app-cloudGood event – a hands-on session on Data Washing Machine.  Very useful session.

From the data integrity standpoint:

  • make sure there is a title categories, which can be used on form submission
  • make sure the data is matching other databases

name-analyzerEloqua has a free app on App Cloud that checks form completion data for typical data issues and flag suspect entries.

With the Name Analyzer Cloud Connector, you can automatically do a “junk scan” on your data to look for the typical problems that are seen. It scans first name, full name, email address, and phone number looking for data that is known to be bad or looks suspect, and flags the record in your Eloqua marketing database.

This connector could be used to ensure a new contact to the database through a form submission is accurate before being placed in your nurturing program or passed to sales. It is also useful as part of your ongoing data hygiene process.

netprospexInteresting: there are apps on App Cloud allowing to add additional contacts into database and append missing information.

The app installs in your Eloqua environment to automatically append and normalize data. It can be used to enrich the data from your web forms, or to add critical information to existing contacts like revenue, company size, and industry. Easy-to-use (20 minute setup!) and cost-effective, this app provides considerable value.

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