MIMA – Advances in Consumer Psychology

brainfluenceAnother excellent event!  Roger Dooley, the author of the book Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, made a wonderful presentation for local marketing community.

The presentation is probably just a fraction of the wealth of the information in the book, which (we are in luck!) is also available in an audible version.  This book is definitely on my list to listen next.

Some of interesting points and links:

  • pet-execCFO/CIO are still trusted by 90% of people…  but CMO only 20% Why?  Most marketing money still wasted…
  • Showing common interests helps to increase “liking effect” – example Petsmart executives pictures with their pets.   If these features are present, they don’t need to be burried somewhere deep in the site’s navigation
  • Though science is still emerging, we can use “neuro-nudges” to encourage desired behavior
  • People who “thought” that their wine tasted better (because they were told it was more expensive, etc.) truly experienced better taste based on the brain scans


  • If the person sees himself consuming something he is more likely to like the product (LinkedIn uses this approach in “Picture yourself in the new job…”
  • Apologies work!
  • Scarcity (perceived) is attractive… “only two seats left…”
  • audibleSelling to men: pictures of attractive women influences men’s tendency for short term thinking and risk taking.  Interesting: a photo of attractive woman in a loan application works as well as a loan interest rate reduction of 4%.
  • Use simple fonts and language to minimize perceived efforts.  A task described in an easy to read font is perceived as a task that takes less time to complete.


Though change is constant in our lives, we can be certain that human brain did not changed much in last 50,000 years 😉   Studying human behavior can give us a relatively constant tool set of understanding our target audience – people 😉

Resource: Neuromarketing blog


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