Book – Good Strategy Bad Strategy

good-strategyThis is probably the best strategy book I have read.  It is clear – the book does not complicates the already complex topic, but explains it.  The book also exposes misconception about large organizations not having a strategy at all and resorting to calling desired goals a strategy.  Absence of strategy is not a bad strategy; it is…  no strategy.

A few quotes from the book/book site:

Good strategy is rare. Many organizations which claim to have a strategy do not. Instead, they have a set of performance goals. Or, worse, a set of vague aspirations. It is rare because there are strong forces resisting the concentration of action and resources. Good strategy gathers power from its very rareness.

Good strategy has a basic underlying logic: coherent action backed up by an argument, an effective mixture of thought and action. I call this basic underlying structure the kernel. A good strategy may consist of more than the kernel, but if the kernel is absent or misshapen, then there is a serious problem. The kernel of a strategy contains three elements: (1) a diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge, (2) a guiding-policy for dealing with the challenge, and (3) a set of coherent-actions that are designed to carry out the guiding-policy.

One of a leader’s most powerful tools is the creation of a proximate objective—one that is close enough at hand to be feasible. A proximate objective names an accomplishment that organization can reasonably be expected to achieve.

At some points, the book feels as a presence in a strategy class.  The class is full of successful classmates, and the reader is not the dumbest person in the class…

Great book!  Highly recommend!

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