MNSearch – Technical SEO


Another insightful event – Technical SEO (thanks to John Doherty from Distilled).  And thanks to Jeff Sauer for publishing fantastic event notes!  (I copied the irresistible image above from Jeff’s notes 😉  ).

A couple of points from my perspective:

  • Pitching changes: pitch tests, not across the board changes.  This makes total sense…  the issue arise, I think, in the situation (any marketing situation not only SEO) of a company’s strong desire to improve, willingness to make global changes and desire to make global changes and lack of possibility to execute quickly.
  • What is you landing pages’ unique ranking proposition?  John mentioned the article that brings general marketing concept to SEO. Also makes complete sense, even if a term value proposition is not typically comes to mind in the realm of SEO.


Oh, I wish fixing the site was as easy for a large company as for a small one 😉

John recommended a free project management tool – Trello – something to check in the future…


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