Mobile Twin Cities – Obama and Romney Mobile Marketing

Poli-mobilSurprisingly useful information for an average marketer 😉  Curt Prins made an excellent overview of the mobile marketing efforts during the last Presidential campaign.  Mobile Twin Cities in general is a good source of mobile insight and a great opportunity to ask industry experts a few questions.

  • Only 12% of people use mobile aps more than 3 times
  • Less than 6% of eCommerce sales come from apps
  • 36% of voters used their mobile device for political info and discussion with others (up from 26% in 2010)
  • First presidential debates generated 10 M tweets, most of which were sent from mobile devices
  • Interesting: Romney announced that those who download his mobile app will be informed first about selection of his running mate.  App was downloaded with enthusiasm: 200,000 within first 24 hours
  • Mobile ads targeting capability is increasing (geo targeting and even congressional districts)
  • Most mobile forms are 2-3 fields
  • Campaigns took different approaches – Romney had a separate mobile site, while Obama redesigned the main site to be suitable for mobile




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