MIMA – Future of Blogging

tumblrI guess the event was not so much about the future of blogging, but rather essence of the phenomena…

It was interesting to see the relationship of blogging to writing journals.  Most likely, prolific bloggers are and incarnation of passionate journal writers of previous times, and the rest of us… would need an editorial calendar. 😉

As Rick Webb was a co-founder of the Barbarian group, he could explain the risk the company took to transform the site into a blog collection of all interested employees.  I remember when this site/blog was an example during many industry presentations “can you believe what they have done??”  But the site had never became stale…  After that site, other companies had blog-looking web sites (GE Show).  This stage of the marketing development is passing; platforms replaced this approach.

Interesting point: more people are on the web, and more marketing money are moving to the web.  However, money are moving from the direct and not brand marketing.  There is a perception that the internet is not good for brand marketing.

Platforms are aware that they do not currently offer much to brand marketers.  As a result, recent redesigns offer larger images and more opportunities for “emotional impact”…  Social media is also fights decade of brand theory – controlling and repeating the message.

The question will probably be answered in the future: can the web has the same branding effect as TV?

Rick compared the searches in Google and Tumblr, asking the audience which one was more emotionally impactful?  Tumblr is trying to be more emotionally impactful and designed for serendipity, unexpected discovery rather than categorization (Pinterest is amazing in categorization).


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