MNSearch – Sexy Web Analytics For Search Marketing

Very useful search marketing event as usually.  A few particularly interesting points (from my perspective):

Google Analytics dominate… (what is not a surprise – GA became “the whole product” with the entire universe of consultancies, support, training opportunities, plug-ins, and many people who knows how to use the product)

GAThough based on the impression of s+m+c, 99% of accounts initially setup have been setup incorrectly.  What also makes sense.  Analytics is a tool that requires knowledgeable people with sufficient time available to set it up correctly.

Interesting point from Three Deep Marketing – treat SEO as a campaign. Makes total sense…



Interesting point on SEO success measurement from Three Deep Marketing too:  how to measure SEO activities: compare change in optimized pages versus not optimized pages.

There is a code to automatically tag PDFs…  I need to find out more about this code 😉

Tag manager is generally recommended for large organizations with difficult access to development resources (that is a good description of a typical organization where I work 😉  ).

Below are some examples of GA tagging naming conventions.





I am looking forward to the next event (glad I joined this new association) 🙂







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