Book – The Little Black Book of Innovation: How It Works, How to Do It

bookThe book includes a good overview of references and has many interesting examples of “thinking through” an innovation process.  One of interesting points is discussing “intropreneurs” as “entrepreneurs” functioning within an established organization.

A good point on managing innovation: the innovators should be evaluated based on the approaches they take (methodology, mitigation of risk, etc.) rather than on a result.  Sometimes an unreasonably risky endeavor might succeed and sometimes a reasonable approach may not produce much of a result result.

A couple more recommended books I would like to read:

It seems that the topic of the innovation question in the books I read is changing from understanding a need for innovation (it seem to be understood), to fostering innovation in organizations (it also seem to be accepted as necessity), to how to do it most efficiently…  Innovation is an interesting aspect of business that can not be managed based on the results in small scale, but has to be started in small scale to be useful.  Interesting…

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