Book – Manufacturing Demand

manufacturing-demandTypically, I read a book, type notes, and give the book away to somebody who might find it interesting too.  Ha!  I am keeping this one – Manufacturing Demand by David Lewis – it has a quality of dictionary a modern marketer might need to use for reference once in a while 😉   Very good resource!

Additional resources and case studies are conveniently can be found at the Demand Gen web site.

Notes from the book:

  • Two more “Ps” for a modern marketer – Process (mapping the entire buying process) and Programming (using marketing automation – not an IT term)
  • Principles (and the order)
      1. Personas
      2. Demand funnel
      3. Lead scoring
      4. Lead nurturing
  • Lead score is not a forecast who will buy; it is a prioritized to-do list for sales.
  • Three “Cs” of marketing analytics
    • What you can Count
    • What Counts
    • What you can Count on
  • Example of personal tone.  Instead of  “Don’t miss our webinar on how our [product name] helps with regulatory compliance”  use ” We are holding a webinar for mortgage brokers on regulatory issues plaguing our industry.  Can you join…”
  • Sirius Decisions taxonomy:
    • Suspect – unidentified potential buyer
    • Inquiry – a raw response
    • MQL – an inquiry that meets minimum fit criteria (qualification and interest) as jointly defined by sales and marketing
    • Sales-accepted Lead – formally accepted by sales
    • SQL – sales confirmed that viable opportunity exists
    • Customer
  • Content strategy is about the buyer!
    • A good example of proper approach: “We believe that managing you diabetes should be painless and easier.  We want to help you to live a long, healthy life without the hassles of testing your blood sugars manually. So, we created Dialife for you.  It’s an automated way to monitor your blood sugars 24 hours a day without ever pricking your finger.  Want to see how?”
    • A bad example of product-centric approach: “Get Dialife.  It’s a continuous glucose monitor that you place on your arm that uses laser beams to check your blood sugar level instead of traditional blood testing. It’s about the size of your thumb and is covered by most insurance companies.  Watch this demo to learn more.”
  • A nurture project brief – page 97 (good!)


  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead (Forrester)
  • Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities over non-nurtured leads (Demand gen report)
  • 84% of qualified leads are not ready to buy (Aberdeen Research)
  • Typical content is designed to tell about the products. Today’s b-to-b buyers are looking for helpful educational content that makes them more knowledgeable.

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