Eloqua Experience 2012 – Vodeo Vendors

As usually, Eloqua Experience is a great introduction to new vendors with Eloqua-compatible tools (or just approaches that  are beneficial for modern marketers).

VidYard – a video hosting platform with built-in analytics.  The platform allows import of videos from you tube, adding calls to action during and after video, using in lead scoring, and easy drop on Eloqua landing pages with Eloqua integration. Also allow A/B testing (loved by every marketer!  🙂 ).  Quite interesting opportunities!

Unfortunately, I did not find an easy way to embed into WordPress – though it does not mean that it is not possible…. 😉

VidYard Pricing

VidYard seems to be a good solution for many video issues faced by a modern marketer.

Another video vendor with an Eloqua cloud connector is Brainshark.   Brainshark seem to concentrate more on the ease of creating of the video (it is possible to upload a PPT and record a voice-over from the phone – quite interesting).

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