Book – Insanely Simple

Quite interesting overview of the main approach and character that contributed to the phenomenal success of the business icon – Apple.  Simplicity is highlighted in several “business universes:”

  • Simplicity in product development (what is rather understandable  but  seems to be so difficult to achieve for many organizations)
  • Branding and “version” simplicity (what is very similar to the approach in the marketing fundamental “Origin of Brands”)
  • Simplicity in messaging (also obvious, but as difficult to achieve for many businesses)
  • Simplicity in business organization (this was an interesting point for me – simplicity in running a meeting for example)

Curious concept: Thou shalt not lust for your neighbor’s marketing.  Love it! 🙂  Splitting categories because a competitor is doing something similar, or naming product categories similar to an unrelated business (I experienced that one – nobody could pronounce it 😉  or doing something absolutely not fitting for a brand “because Apple does it” – are great example of this sin.

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