MIMA – Marketing and Online Video Content

Despite a drive to St. Paul, I was glad to attend the event (of course meeting old friends and learning about new diets was part of the fun 🙂 ). A few notes from lovely  MIMA Video discussion:

  • Is quality important?  Quality establishes benchmark of credibility.  However, not good quality still works if the content is good
  • Google is considering length of video watching as part of ranking algorithm
  • Target Created a “shop-able” video – quite interesting.  Though you probably need to be a teenager to watch the entire video…  and – I guess – teenagers are the target audience 🙂

  • Is there an optimal length of the video?  If people don’t know the company well – a shorter video will be more effective.  If people are familiar with the company – longer is OK.  Long is about 4 minutes.  However, some long videos might be OK.  The informational stage of the buying cycle is suitable for longer videos.
  • One of the resources recommendation was The YouTube Marketing Book (under $5 on Amazon)
  • One of the presenters represented Wistia, a video hosting company that has an interesting blog with useful video information.

Chicken (snack after the event) was very tasty 🙂

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