Book – Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

Very interesting book with an important point to ponder – speed of response.

Our society seem to move faster and faster, and the speed of reaction to anything that happens and require response needs to be faster…  but, it can be counter productive.  We can confuse any reaction with a reasonable reaction.

Interesting – even an apology has its own time cycle – it should be not too quick and not too late.  Not too late is usually understandable  but not to quick can be a more difficult concept for us to accept.

How can delay benefit the business?  If we take time to think, the delay is the nature of business…  We need to take more time available to make a decision, so the decision is better rather than simply do something.  Particularly, rather than stopping ideas with unclear potentials from germinating…  Posted Notes has not been stopped, and it was a good decision 😉

One thought on “Book – Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

  1. Taking time to pause and reflect can strengthen the outcome of most actions. Yet today, with our hurried pace and increasingly polarized world, we so often neglect to do this.

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