UXPA – Microsoft’s Windows 8 Design & User Experience

Interesting presentation.  It highlighted my own brand loyalty to Apple for tablets and phones (I am a PC for a… hm… computers).  Seeing Windows on a tablet was rather strange  🙂

Windows 8 highlights were associated with “personal” tasks – sharing with friends, booking a flight, arranging and finding images, etc.  I wished to see more on integration with Microsoft office – how it can help me with my work tasks.  True, once in a while I work on my Twitter and Pinterest while I eat my lunch, but PPT and Outlook take dis-proportionally more of my time at work.

Points from the presentation:

  • Microsoft is trying to make Windows 8 as intuitive as possible
  • Windows 8 are designed to provide similar experience on computer, tablet, and phone
  • Visual elements are based on Swiss style of design
  • Cultural simplification – attempt to remove as many elements as possible
  • Bauhaus design influence – leaving only essential elements

Is Microsoft trying to make Windows 8 useful “for everything”?  Maybe.  Will be interesting to see how Windows 8 will come to the office.

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