MIMA – FireBell – Social Crisis Simulator

Very interesting…  FireBell allows “practicing” social crisis management in a safe environment… which looks like almost exactly as the real one.  Hm…  maybe some environment differentiation is needed?  A red vertical line on the side of the screen perhaps to avoid accidental confusion?  😉

The “simulation” was played out during last MIMA event with a team pf people, who can potentially face similar crisis in real life.  The time line of the crisis and reality of the comments (with the audience participation) was very impressive.

Interesting notes from the conversation:

  • PPC – during the crisis a good way to present company’s point of view at the “point of search”  – completely agree; I came to the same conclusion after analyzing one of PR events in my own experience
  • Messaging to the employees should not be forgotten (employees can potentially worsen the situation, what was demonstrated by the simulation)
  • Sometimes, companies forget disconnect linked accounts while dealing with crisis – what can potentially expand localized crisis by company’s own accidental posting
  • [Good old suggestion] – have a microsite or page ready to customize and deploy quickly.  Hmmm…  I wonder who should take the lead on making sure it is available: marketing, PR, or IT?
  • If the crisis requires investigation, company should communicate what it is doing; though legal needs to be involved
  • Building advocates before the problem arose is important (Best Buy CMO mentioned it also on one of the events)
  • Preparation is important for good crisis response – little time will be available during real crisis
  • How do you prepare upper management?  Go through fire bell drill!
    Show “wrong way to handle” the crisis for the history.
  • During the crisis it is important for the company to be the source of the information
  • We can not control the conversation – we can only participate and contribute…

Very good event (as usually) and great food 😉

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