Eloqua – Road to Revenue – Minneapolis 2012

The event was as insightful as always.  It was interesting to see what is in the development (oh oh, Eloqua 10 transition is coming… 🙂  ).  As usually, it was clear that many marketers are struggling to take advantage of the opportunities – the opportunities of modern business environment exist, but they are technically, organizationally, and politically difficult to implement. Still – marketing is a very exciting field!  🙂

Interesting points:

  • 90% of the data in the world was created within last 2 years
  • Social suite is included in Eloqua 10, not quite in Eloqua 9…
  • Box – new app on app cloud (ha! how many companies block it?  )
  • If you get to a lead within 1 hour rather then 2 hour – there is 8 times more probability for conversion

Fellow marketers’ insights (smart marketers’ insights 🙂 ):

  • To avoid confusion, it might be a good idea to exclude from outbound  campaigns everybody who is in the nurturing program.
  • Creative content production – recycle as much as possible
  • Marketers are using external call centers to qualify leads as quickly as possible after the form was submitted; then, the lead is passed to the sales team.  If the lead is not reachable, the lead is sent back to qualification/reach.
  • Eloqua tools can help with CRM adoption – a CRM becomes instantly useful for sales
  • Book recommendation – Revenue Engine – the tip is that this book is not as easy to read as many marketing books…  Unfortunately, it does not look like it is available on Audible 😉
  • I should finally read Digital Body Language too….
  • Engage: make sure to have a generic template for any possible message sales might need to send
  • Engage: it is beneficial to allow reps to submit requests for specific emails they find useful and file these emails is separate folder (great point for new Engage users!)

Content marketing – it is more about content than the product 🙂

Suspect – more people who has experience with Eloqua brand. They want to know what you know and not what you sell

    • No forms on this stage – info graphics, fun videos, infotaining
    • Also curated lists of content (best b2b marketing books)
    • Those whose content was included would be willing to share it
    • Slideshare info is free, but if people are interested, they are presented with the form at the end
    • Metrics are soft…

Prospects – (a person who signed up for something and provided information)

    • Content that relates to their professional interests
    • Email, ads, etc.
    • Use a book – split into chapters, and use them as e-books
    • Analyst reports
    • Metrics – conversions

Lead (a prospect that meet certain criteria as determined by sales and marketing)

Fine-tune lead scoring often – Eloqua updates every week

    • Content that addresses their business plans
    • Case studies , demo videos, white papers, product comparison
    • At this stage use the signature from a specific rep
    • Metrics – engagement
    • Demos – does not have to be perfect – captivate on flip is ok


People are looking at some other products…  I should be the one to provide it rather than the competitor.  ROI calculator and generation of RFP – everything should be convenient at this point.

Event attendance – content related to events rather than customer promotions (very smart! I am not very enthusiastic about even spam in my own mailbox… 😉  ).  This content can be found and used when people search for event information.

Industry leaders invited to participate in a shared “book” – they happy to participate and will later share the content.

Production of the content is everybody’s job. Managing editor has a job of managing the content and assuring that everybody participates.  However, leadership buy-in is critical for accomplishing anything.

Eloqua is using a simple spreadsheet to manage content, with the information (piece of content, URL, stage of sales process, and persona for which this content has been targeted). The spreadsheet allows to manage expired content.

More about content – Grande Guide on B-to-B content marketing – hooray, this book (Content Rules) I read 😉

Use the piece of content as much as possible initially, then move to the next piece of the content.  It is OK if the person encounters the same piece of content several times through several channels.

There has to be support from top leadership…
Competition with marketo helped Eloqua understand the importance of content marketing 🙂

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