MNSearch – Link Building

MNSearch is becoming an interesting group – events have been very good.  The latest event (Arnie Kuenn: Why Every Marketer Needs a New Link Building Strategy) was excellent also 🙂   The book Accelerate is sitting on my desk waiting its turn to be read – soon, soon…

Not surprisingly, the best link building strategy is to create great content 🙂

A few interesting points from the presentation:

Which links are bad?

  • Multiple links from the same page
  • From the same pages  that have PPC links (porn, pills, casinos) links
  • Not relevant or spammy footer links
  • Links from networks
  • Links on obvious links pages
  • Forum or blog comment spam
  • Too much exact anchor text

If the forum allows spammers – stay away from it

What to do to get good links:

  • Look for internal links (internal link pages)
  • Blog and forum participation
  • Old fashion reciprocal links

Google discussions search can be used to find content ideas:
Google choices > discussions > discussions for the same term (Google will provide search of all discussions related to the term)

Create great content to which people would want to link 😉

Best pages to attract links used three media types text, images, videos.  In general, posts with videos included 3 times mor links, posts with three media types will attract 6 times more links.

Try to split budget 50% manual link building and 50% link attraction through content.  Optimize content 🙂