Exact Target: Real time – Real Connections

Very informative event with a great presentation.  Chicken on the stick was marvelous too 😉

The presentation was one of the series of Subscribers Fans and Followers   where Exact Target analyzes users preferences for different media.

Main conclusion: email is still the king!  🙂

Though use of the social networks is increasing, they are not considered appropriate by many users for commercial communications.  Plus, email is checked daily, while social networks are not receiving so much attention.

Another interesting fact: even if online email platform use decreased among young demographics, email usage on mobile devices increased.

Email is also the preferred channel for sharing content.  Though knowing lousy use of “share” feature on the email, I am guessing the sharing goes through “forward” with easy selection of the recipient from the preferred email client 😉

Twitter nuance: people who use Twitter tend to create more content themselves compared to the people who does not use Twitter.  They are more likely to be bloggers, active commenters and  online rewevers.

Social media definitely is not killing email…  it is using email messages and alerts to bring attentions to itself …  and it makes perfect sense.

2 thoughts on “Exact Target: Real time – Real Connections

  1. I’m stumped – 68% of this audience has never used LinkedIn and 57% of them use Facebook daily? Who are these people and what are they doing with their careers? The combination of these two points don’t add up for me on the “younger” Facebook generation or the “older” email+LinkedIn generation.

    • I must admit that I am also curious about business v consumer and general audience selection. From another side, whatever the audience is, it is more likely be in the consumer realm. Teenagers would use Facebook and would not need to use LinkedIn. The interesting point is the use of the email… 😉

      Good question for Exact Target 🙂

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