Mn Search – Tools of the Trade (Raven)

Mn Search is becoming one of the local professional associations, what is wonderful.  The first event was very interesting (and free), though I am looking forward to pay for the second one 🙂  The first event gave a wonderful overview of many tools; maybe some of the following events can look deeper into a few tools  or review interesting results of successful campaigns and lessons learned.

The presentation is a treasure!!  Thank you Taylor Pratt and Raven.

Oh, one more reminder about 4Q survey (one day, one day… 🙂  )

Ranking, ranking…  “You need to prepare for the day when your ranking is even less accurate than now…”

Interesting: “Tools that don’t work with other tools are waste of time…”   this statement is true in probably all industries by this moment.

Schema Help: An interesting addition to is which allows to generate schemas easily.

And, oh, I would love to have a good HTML 5 overview 🙂

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