MIMA – Social Media Grows Up

As usually, interesting MIMA event.  Social media is definitely maturing and different organizations find ways to make it beneficial.  Less and less we hear companies trying to “do social media” and more and more we see the channel is used to achieve business goals. Good 🙂

The speaker represented 8th Bridge – a company specializing in Facebook (and social media in general); particularly in Social Commerce.  8th Bridge built the first store on Facebook and first airline booking on Facebook.

Facebook is definitely more attuned to b-to-c, and to adding some shopping opportunities directly into Facebook.  However, 53% don’t trust Facebook payment system.

Most interesting (from my perspective): “Like” is not a purchase intent – this is a post-purchase action indicating satisfaction with the product.  There are hopes on utilization of more specific “Want” button; it will be interesting to see how this tendency evolves.

Other social media curiosities:

  • 75% of everybody online in US has a Facebook account
  • Traffic from mobile devices buys twice as much as web traffic
  • About 4-7 of Facebook posts are seen by fans
  • Referral traffic from Facebook to news publications is huge.  However, the most popular are old stories of “man bites dog” type.
  • For retailers: important to make sure that the Facebook referral traffic is linked to the specific product page for the product mentioned


Value of Dot Com comes back to life…  Social only is insufficient for retailers.  A year ago retailers were advised to use social only and skip the building of a site.  Hm… Smart!  🙂