Books: Simple Concepts that are Difficult to Implement

Another two great books that can be wonderful examples of rather simple, and very powerful concepts, that seem to be difficult to implement. I guess, I would love to read a book on why it is so difficult 🙂  However, there is something very human that compels us to jump into action without a boring little thing  such as a reasonable strategy or going through a simple checklist.  However, it looks like these un-glamorous approaches could save lives and fortunes.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind – a wonderful marketing classic violated by so many organizations to their own peril, and The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right is an extensive research concluding that simple discipline system applied at any complex process dramatically increases the success of this process.

Positioning: recommend not to go “head 0n” into competition with the market leader because “our product is better,” but find a “hole” in the mind of the target audience and “position” it as unique.  For example, the resort X is rated as good as the well-known resort Y, but much closer to home.  Ha!  Why is it so easy for organizations to jump to “our product X is just like product Y, only better, when organization’s leaders can not explain what is the difference?  🙂

Checklist Manifesto: as complexity increases and the specialists’ expertise became more and more narrow, a simple check list can help pilots handle more complex airplane, a team of medical professionals to keep patients alive, and a financial genius to identify better future investments.

I guess, the most interesting point is our world and our human nature.  While our world is becoming increasingly complex, we seem to resits using simple disciplined tools to be more successful in our tasks….


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