Eloqua Experience 11 – Embracing The Change (Day 3)

Chip Heath, co-author of the best selling book on change “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” gave a wonderful presentation based on the concepts from the book (I read the book earlier and loved it!).

The main point for all of us who is trying to encourage change in our organizations is a common fallacy that change is a purely intellectual endeavor and should be treated with data. Not quite right – the change starts from the emotion and it is up to us to find a “story” to move people in the organization.

Chip suggests to use the analysis to find a story (rather than create a serious size PPT that consists of the analysis itself 🙂 ).

One of the challenges of marketing automation is to encourage sales organization to use the tools.  Marketers don’t want to let any lead die 🙂   Eric Butterwick  has been successful in this task and became a hero for sales.

  • Promoting of sales tools from the top of sales organization is helpful (VP of sales purchased ELMO and was promoting it)

  • Eric’s organization do not “mandate” the use of the tools, but make them available.  Adoption of Eloqua also helped adoption of the Salesforce that had been used widely in the organization
  • ELMO  main benefit: saving time for the sales reps. The more sales can concentrate on closing the deals (what they can do best) the better for the organization’s bottom line
  • Recruiting the best reps to try new tools…  if the best reps find benefit from a tool, the rest of the field usually would like to follow
  • Two approaches to adoption: upper management buy in and grass roots initiatives
  • Tip: one organization added useful links into the templated emails reps have through ELMO; reps can delete irrelevant links and send only what makes sense.  The company saw a good CTR for the links
  • Tip: sending emails to reps with explanation what new content recently became available
  • Eric recommended the book “Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Salesforce.com Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry” – I will check it out…
One of the marketing areas that in the constant flux is government email regulation. Canada recently accepted CASL, which requires explicit opt-in and includes not only email (anything electronic and commercial in nature IM, SMS, social media, voice, etc.).
  • Canadian trade show attendees should not be considered “opt-in” because they dropped a card in the fish bowl for a chance to win an iPad…  (what seem to be reasonable for “free gift” loving Americans too 🙂  )
  • “No-reply” email is generally should not be used – use any of marketing monitored mailboxes
  • avoid pre-checked boxes as a subscription – it is not “hyper-transparent”
  • Grande guide to email deliverability and privacy 

Comparison by country – European Union is still in a flux…

Oh…  Evolve or became extinct…  Do we need a better incentive?  😉

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