Eloqua Experience 11 – Education (Day 1)

We chose two strategic educational sessions – sessions that did not require any technical exercises or application log in, but rather understanding of marketing and sales process.  The sessions Campaign Management Essentials and Lead Management Essentials were very insightful.

Yes, workbook and tests are still waiting to be completed before the class can count toward the certification, but a few interesting insights has to be noted:

  • Companies are moving to quarterly marketing plans; our constantly changing environment makes yearly detailed plans unreasonably inflexible
  • Before starting a campaign, it is important to estimate campaign performance (guess if no historical data exists) – marketers often overlook this step
  • Recording and a document on how to complete a persona template is available on Topliners

  • Welcome program can brunch out into topic-specific nurturing programs, which can continue as an accelerator programs (can come from sales rep’s name; be text only, etc.)
  • Need to monitor non-responders to try re-engagement (different strategy is needed for different segments; if a segment does not react on regular communications, value of continuing to send them is questionable)
  • Nurturing campaigns –  recommended 4 touches (per specific thought process)
  • Time between touches is recommended to be 10 business days (for B-to-B)
  • If number of unsubscribes increases on later stages of nurturing – over-marketing can be a possible reason
  • Should legacy contacts be included into a brand-new welcome campaign?  Yes, it might be beneficial; just avoid “welcome…”
  • Foundational programs (welcome, nurturing, etc. – programs that run on the background of other marketing activities)
  • Returning of the leads from sales to marketing for nurturing can be automated (based on the age of the lead, any indication set by sales, etc.)
  • Recommendation to review scoring programs every 6 months
  • No new sales initiatives should be attempted at the end of the quarter; sales will be the most receptive in the beginning of the quarter
  • Questions that concern sales (and can get their attention):
    • “How can I hit my number?”  (answer will get attention)
    • “How can I hit my number faster?”  (answer will get attention)
  • Recommendation to flowchart the lead process

  • Do not be complacent!

The Homework (and workbooks are available at Eloqua University:

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