Eloqua Experience 11 – Embracing The Change (Day 3)

Chip Heath, co-author of the best selling book on change “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” gave a wonderful presentation based on the concepts from the book (I read the book earlier and loved it!).

The main point for all of us who is trying to encourage change in our organizations is a common fallacy that change is a purely intellectual endeavor and should be treated with data. Not quite right – the change starts from the emotion and it is up to us to find a “story” to move people in the organization.

Chip suggests to use the analysis to find a story (rather than create a serious size PPT that consists of the analysis itself 🙂 ).

One of the challenges of marketing automation is to encourage sales organization to use the tools.  Marketers don’t want to let any lead die 🙂   Eric Butterwick  has been successful in this task and became a hero for sales.

  • Promoting of sales tools from the top of sales organization is helpful (VP of sales purchased ELMO and was promoting it)

  • Eric’s organization do not “mandate” the use of the tools, but make them available.  Adoption of Eloqua also helped adoption of the Salesforce that had been used widely in the organization
  • ELMO  main benefit: saving time for the sales reps. The more sales can concentrate on closing the deals (what they can do best) the better for the organization’s bottom line
  • Recruiting the best reps to try new tools…  if the best reps find benefit from a tool, the rest of the field usually would like to follow
  • Two approaches to adoption: upper management buy in and grass roots initiatives
  • Tip: one organization added useful links into the templated emails reps have through ELMO; reps can delete irrelevant links and send only what makes sense.  The company saw a good CTR for the links
  • Tip: sending emails to reps with explanation what new content recently became available
  • Eric recommended the book “Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Salesforce.com Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry” – I will check it out…
One of the marketing areas that in the constant flux is government email regulation. Canada recently accepted CASL, which requires explicit opt-in and includes not only email (anything electronic and commercial in nature IM, SMS, social media, voice, etc.).
  • Canadian trade show attendees should not be considered “opt-in” because they dropped a card in the fish bowl for a chance to win an iPad…  (what seem to be reasonable for “free gift” loving Americans too 🙂  )
  • “No-reply” email is generally should not be used – use any of marketing monitored mailboxes
  • avoid pre-checked boxes as a subscription – it is not “hyper-transparent”
  • Grande guide to email deliverability and privacy 

Comparison by country – European Union is still in a flux…

Oh…  Evolve or became extinct…  Do we need a better incentive?  😉

Eloqua Experience 11 – The Change (Day 2)

I guess my general perception of of Eloqua Experience day 2 was celebration of constant change… OK, maybe commiseration, or acknowledgement, or annoyance with the phenomenon 🙂

Those who recognize the change and are willing to adapt (at least use Eloqua on a good level), seem to outperform the rest.  …what probably contributes to Eloqua growth at about 40% a year.

  • Old way of SaaS is not enough anymore… SaaS 1.0 – tools and services in the cloud.  SaaS 2.0 – tools and services in the cloud, capable to connect with other vendors cloud tools and services
  • Evolution of Benchmarking: industry surveys have been replaced by an aggregate data of cloud service providers
  • Mobile traffic to the web sites doubled during last year (still, mobile strategy should exist – mobile should not be a reformatted copy of the regular site ~Vanessa)
  • Eloqua launched App Cloud

  • Eloqua is also changing (Eloqua 10 is HTML 5 tool).  Eloqua 10 will not retain all Eloqua 9 functionality – the company is attempting a fundamental shift to better usability and business effectiveness.  Some features would have to change.

Eloqua is the only company in the field with 11 full-time faculty members.

I was very happy to receive my own certificate and thanks to Heidi who took my picture, the excitement is preserved forever.  Now I am hoping to put the new knowledge to a good use.  🙂   And continue learning…

Eloqua’s approach to content

  • The solution to noise is not more noise, but a differentiation
  • Eloqua’s solution for a different content was visualization.  Eloqua has a content partner – jess3

Eloqua case study from the perspective of jess3

  • Jess3 is a content partner, whose credentials are also present on the final “piece of content;” jess3 is on a retainer
  • Eloqua’s  internal team supports creation of the content – everybody is responsible for creation of the content
  • Recognize what people share – people do not read the entire article before sharing – sharing happens after a glance

  • Eloqua created Social Media Playbook as an internal resource; later it was used for external purposes (the playbook has been used by other organizations for internal training also)
  • Recommendation: think about a way the content itself can attract attention…  (Maybe a resource of all industry resources in a visually easy to navigate fashion? ~Vanessa)
  • Content has limited shelf life – only 6% of tweets are re-tweeted
  • Content can be re-packaged (individual posts can be combined, etc.
  • Eloqua went from no blog to Ad Age Power 150 in 10 months (Joe attribute it to the uniqueness of the content).  Users were encouraged to comment on some info graphics; later the new versions of info graphics were sent to the those who commented directly – these people saw the result of their involvement and had a vested interest in promoting the content.
  • Blog is the hub of content distribution strategy 
  • Content must be interesting… even in PR, people do not cover new products – people cover interesting staff
  • Content marketing is a force multiplier – we can measure only pieces… (visits to the site, etc.)
  • Eloqua uses Slide Share…  and is a Slide Share’s example of proper use of a corporate accounts 😉

Eloqua’s content plans:

  • To be smarter about optimizing the content
  • Evaluate the need and lack of attention by other brands (what other brands are not producing)
  • Content inventory is overlaid by buying stage
  • Let search influence the content Eloqua produces

From creative… to the nerds.  Marketing needs nerds!!  Change requires it!  (per Mike Hilton – EVP Marketing, Concur)

Marketing needs to take maximum control from IT; technical skill sets are critical for marketing.

Actually, the change is quite good for business… Great presentation!

Eloqua Experience 11 – Education (Day 1)

We chose two strategic educational sessions – sessions that did not require any technical exercises or application log in, but rather understanding of marketing and sales process.  The sessions Campaign Management Essentials and Lead Management Essentials were very insightful.

Yes, workbook and tests are still waiting to be completed before the class can count toward the certification, but a few interesting insights has to be noted:

  • Companies are moving to quarterly marketing plans; our constantly changing environment makes yearly detailed plans unreasonably inflexible
  • Before starting a campaign, it is important to estimate campaign performance (guess if no historical data exists) – marketers often overlook this step
  • Recording and a document on how to complete a persona template is available on Topliners

  • Welcome program can brunch out into topic-specific nurturing programs, which can continue as an accelerator programs (can come from sales rep’s name; be text only, etc.)
  • Need to monitor non-responders to try re-engagement (different strategy is needed for different segments; if a segment does not react on regular communications, value of continuing to send them is questionable)
  • Nurturing campaigns –  recommended 4 touches (per specific thought process)
  • Time between touches is recommended to be 10 business days (for B-to-B)
  • If number of unsubscribes increases on later stages of nurturing – over-marketing can be a possible reason
  • Should legacy contacts be included into a brand-new welcome campaign?  Yes, it might be beneficial; just avoid “welcome…”
  • Foundational programs (welcome, nurturing, etc. – programs that run on the background of other marketing activities)
  • Returning of the leads from sales to marketing for nurturing can be automated (based on the age of the lead, any indication set by sales, etc.)
  • Recommendation to review scoring programs every 6 months
  • No new sales initiatives should be attempted at the end of the quarter; sales will be the most receptive in the beginning of the quarter
  • Questions that concern sales (and can get their attention):
    • “How can I hit my number?”  (answer will get attention)
    • “How can I hit my number faster?”  (answer will get attention)
  • Recommendation to flowchart the lead process

  • Do not be complacent!

The Homework (and workbooks are available at Eloqua University:

Eloqua Experience 11 – thank you Eloqua and Hilton!

The room was magnificent!  Fit for a king of Eloqua Experience 🙂  As a happy winner of Room Upgrade contest, I can just say “Thank you!” to Eloqua and Hilton!

The room service was also a nice surprise

Dear Drake, thank you very much for a fun contest and a wonderful prize!  What a great idea for a contest (at least from the winner’s perspective 🙂  ).

Everything was ready for the conference in time: all devices were charged, computer was set, and agenda was reviewed completely (OK, I might have lied about the agenda, I still have not decided on all tracks to attend 🙂  ).

Thank you!!