MIMA – Mobile Relationship Management

Thought-provoking event.  Though mobile is not used as much in b-to-b realm (yes, I asked 🙂  ), there are a few interesting details that every industry needs to consider…  before doing anything in the field.

For further pondering:

  • Mobile is mainstream – now mobile is a line item in most marketing budgets.
  • There are several realms of mobile: marketing, service, experience, advertising. Some would grow faster than others; some make more sense for a particular company than others.
  • New Pew Internet Research (August 15, 2011 – Americans and Their Cell Phones): 35% of american adults own a smart phone of some kind.
  • Appropriate content strategy for mobile is needed.  QR code is not a call to action 😉  A real call to action is needed with understandable benefit.
  • SMS uniqueness – immediacy. People read SMS within minutes.
  • Mobile apps…  Apps will be used in service-intensive businesses (banking, travel).  People do not use many apps – around 15.  Can your brand become one of these apps?  If not, most likely you don’t need an app.  Oreo app is unlikely be used.  If you have to do an app, do it in the most economical way (app is a software; by creating an app you are committing to its maintenance, update, etc.).
  • Twitter is used by only 15% of smartphones
  • QR  – low penetration at this time – only 3% read QR codes.  Use alternative call to action beside the QR code.
  • Addition on QR – Marketing Profs just published an interesting article about QR code use in June (6.2% of mobile phone users scanned QR code in June, the most popular source of a scanned QR code was a printed magazine or newspaper).  Interesting demographic data from the article is below:

QR is coming…  but not quite here yet 😉


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