MIMA – Mobile Relationship Management

Thought-provoking event. ¬†Though mobile is not used as much in b-to-b realm (yes, I asked ūüôā ¬†), there are a few interesting details that every industry needs to consider… ¬†before doing anything in the field.

For further pondering:

  • Mobile is mainstream – now mobile is a line item in most marketing budgets.
  • There are several realms of mobile: marketing, service, experience,¬†advertising. Some would grow faster than others; some make more sense for a particular company than others.
  • New Pew Internet Research (August 15, 2011 – Americans and Their Cell Phones): 35% of american adults own a smart phone of some kind.
  • Appropriate content strategy for mobile is needed. ¬†QR code is not a call to action ūüėČ ¬†A real call to action is needed with¬†understandable¬†benefit.
  • SMS uniqueness – immediacy. People read SMS within minutes.
  • Mobile apps… ¬†Apps will be used in service-intensive¬†businesses (banking, travel). ¬†People do not use many apps – around 15. ¬†Can your brand become one of these apps? ¬†If not, most likely you don’t need an app. ¬†Oreo app is unlikely be used. ¬†If you have to do an app, do it in the most economical way (app is a software; by creating an app you are committing to its maintenance, update, etc.).
  • Twitter is used by only 15% of smartphones
  • QR ¬†– low¬†penetration¬†at this time – only 3% read QR codes. ¬†Use alternative call to action beside the QR code.
  • Addition on QR – Marketing Profs just published an interesting article about QR code use in June (6.2% of mobile phone users scanned QR code in June, the most popular source of a scanned QR code was a printed magazine or newspaper). ¬†Interesting demographic data from the article is below:

QR is coming… ¬†but not quite here yet ūüėČ