Eloqua Users Group

Eloqua Users Group (hosted by Relationship One) is becoming a very useful event to learn more about Eloqua use, updates, and even other related digital marketing options.  Notes from the event:

Cloud2You cloud connector

Cloud connectors are growing. Among new cloud connectors that become available to Eloqua users is Cloud2You (what can be integrated with Eloqua Express to gain functionality of print elements in Eloqua campaigns).

Not suprisingly, Eloqua, Pervasive, and SalesForce are Cloud2You partners. As usually, companies with SalesForce CRM have an additional advantage of integrating the service with CRM directly and allowing sales reps to send pre-defined and pre-selected postcards (with defined budget that can vary for each sales person).  It has a free trial!  …for SalesForce at this moment. Oh, companies on different CRMs are so far out of luck 🙂

Simple automated personalized postcard cost $0.99 and can be added to Eloqua programs in program builder – wonderful!

Social content management – Curation Station

Curation Station is a tool for management and displaying of social content produced by our local Hello Viking. The tool allows to easily collect and automatically display social “feed” on a specific topic. It also allows moderating the feed to make sure that only certain materials are displayed.

Interesting: in many cases PR agencies of companies do the work of moderating; though in b-to-b expert-driven fields, the company’s subject matter experts pick up the task.  B-to-b area is too knowledge heavy to PR agencies to select useful content for the area specialists.

We also saw a spectacular example of Eloqua use without CRM integration at all. Very useful meeting!

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