MIMA – Location-based Media for Marketing

This MIMA event introduced me to a new topic – location-based media.  Many people think about any marketing related to location as a species of mobile phone.  In the reality, location-based media combines anything related to a particular location: billboards, experiential marketing, augmented reality, etc. and everything that will come next (as long as it is related to the person’s current location).

The industry is currently is in the early adopter phase and has room to grow.  Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) is a wonderful resource related to the industry, including podcast and case studies.

Industry acronyms:

  • LBS – location-based service
  • LBM – location-based marketing

One of good examples of location-based marketing is Airwalk shoe augmented reality promotion.

To reserve one of the 300 pairs, users can download an app to their iPhone, go to a specified location and then snap a photo of the shoes that will appear on their screen. Collecting the virtual item with their phone qualifies a user to queue-up and pre-order the shoes.

Large retailers are experimenting with location-based and social, but they don’t necessarily like the results they see…  Location is not a “platform” or “channel,” it is a force similar to gravity that has to be considered in marketing efforts, but wont’ help by itself.

Gamafication is another element of the location marketing. Interesting example – case study: McDonald’s created a game in Stockholm for the people in the square; winners could claim their treats in the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.


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