DemandBase and lovely forms

Eloqua Users group hosted by Relationship One is growing and becoming more valuable. Last time DemandBase was a guest speaker, what was interesting and even intriguing. Showing DemandBase site to coworkers and watching them recognize company’s name and home page is rather fun 🙂

Two “killer apps” of the Demand Base I think are:

  • Shortening of lead gen forms without sacrificing contact information in the database (and appending information to the house list with missing data)
  • Showing certain information on a corporate web site based on the visitor’s industry
Looking at the white paper from the site (yes, I found one absolutely irresistible 😉  ), it looks like these services will be even more vital in the future…

According to research from leading sales and
marketing consultancy SiriusDecisions, 50% of all
leads now come via the Web, and virtually all others
touch the site at some point. SiriusDecisions predicts
the role of the Web will only become more pronounced
as that number will climb to 75% by 2015.

Something to ponder… 🙂

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