Changing Search

Last MIMA event was very thought-provoking and intellectually entertaining.  Mike Grehan treated the attendees with an insightful presentation “Search and the Connected Consumer.”

The presentation was an overview of the industry’s development and maybe an insight on “what’s next,” more than a set of tactics that can be used today.  However, the understanding of the next step of the development will help us with the tactics tomorrow.

Mike Grehan reminded us about the history of search and functionality of search engines – good old days of Altavista when a site related to a certain category and a category expert would not be found by search engine without actually using the category keywords.  This approach was not helpful for the searcher, and the web moved along in using principles of Network Theory.

The Social Network Theory (I found a concise definition) assigns higher importance to the networks where the element is happen to be comparing to the activities and intrinsic quality of the element itself.

The application to search from Mike Grehan’s presentation: If I am a catholic, I can go to Church and ask the priest for the link…  I can have many links, but if I can get just one link from the Pope….

Increasingly, the search results are tailored to a person’s unique interests based on the person’s interests derived from the browsing history.

There are a few interesting implications (beside making sure that content we are trying to promote linked as widely as possible within networks and not necessarily web sites):

  1. People might select what they “ought to” read or watch and not necessarily what they want to read of watch. As a result, they may not be interested in more information in the same category…
  2. We can be isolated in selected type of content and “shelter” ourselves from otherwise useful or important information.
I was fortunate to stumble upon Ted’s presentation of Eli Pariser on the Filter Bubble. Filter Bubble suggests that individuals might be isolated from information of any kind that they not not previously selected or people with similar interests selected.  The concept has many implications and will most likely play an important role in search development and our approach for using search for promotion of our businesses.

Interesting developments!  Next several years will be exciting to watch!

I definitely plan to read The Filter Bubble book.  Oh, how can I not?  TED is my network…  yes, just an aspirational one, but highly trusted  🙂

Thinking about TED – Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep –  one of my absolute favorite talks – I absolutely follow the advice 🙂

One thought on “Changing Search

  1. Yes, TED is a great network for inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing their insights in your always informative blog, the Interactive Snack. Keep up the great marketing work!

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