Book – Content Rules

Interesting and useful.  The book is packed with practical advice and recommendations. The book is particularly useful for people working on the content – including subject-matter experts.

The book also balances the tactical advise with strategic overview – each piece of content should have its “home” in the general map of company’s objectives.

Particularly beneficial for b-to-b (in my opinion 😉  ):

  • The content Rules
    • Embrace being a publisher (business environment changed – this is the reality)
    • Speak human (kill corporate-speak, buzzwords, etc.)
    • Do something unexpected (many examples – particularly important for b-to-b)
    • Play to your strengths (if no resources/enthusiasm are available for specific channel – it does not have to be used)
  • If no research already exist in the company, have a brainstorming session and answer questions:
    • Who are you trying to reach?
    • What are they craving?
    • What do you want them to do?
    • What content do you already have?
  • Little detail: words do not use (and I was so proud when I finally started to understand what they meant!  🙂 )
    • impactful – use instead: influential, substantial, powerful
    • Leverage – use instead: influence, exploit, enhance, use
    • Learnings – use instead: lesson
    • Synergy – use instead: cooperation, combined efforts
    • Proactive – use instead: anticipate, foresee
    • Drill down – use instead: in-depth, detailed
  • Content creation tip: think small – create smaller chunks of content; possible to combine later into eBooks, etc.
  • A white paper can become a series of blog posts
  • Lee Odden’s suggestion: write a post on strange an humorous search phrases that lead people to your content
  • People with the same titles can approach content differently.  For example, CIO archetypes, which would be interested in different type of content:
    • Function head with focus on achieving IT operational excellence
    • Transformational leader with focus on creating enterprise-wide change
    • Business strategist with focus on driving business strategy
  • B-to-B – create a grid that maps the questions and concerns on each buyer at each stage fo the buying process to the content that the buyers prefer  
  • B-to-B ideas: testimonial form Santa Claus and Easter Bunny (Cisco)
  • B-to-B not to overlook:
    • Downloadable competitive comparison
    • FAQs
  • SAS: “…Our product marketing organization identifies the key issues or problems in those areas that our target audiences are facing, and from that point, content development happens in many different areas of the company, around the world. ”  SAS content marketing reports to product marketing organization.
  • HubSpot: calls to action is in three places on each blog post – beneath the headline, right of the post, at the end of the post.  Adding a single call to action initially tripled the number of leads generated from the blog.
  • Video content is 50 times more likely to show on the first page of search results than standard text-based content (properly optimized of course 😉 )
  • Fun content suitable for B-to-B: golf course tootorial how to properly angrily through your club into the water or how to properly break your club
  • Kadient’s approach to content (company sells software and has a long sales cycle): Content library is created with all content organized by the stages of the sales cycle. “Every piece of content we create with a goal in mind to give a business and marketing objective to why we are creating it.”  generating leads for sales is primary objective. However, the same content can be used for lead nurturing.
Great book, highly recommend. I received my copy from Eloqua – thank you!  After finishing the book, I am passing it to the next person in the company!

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