Web Analytics Wednesday – tag management

Curious…  Just yesterday (oh, a decade ago) we were placing simplest tags to a simplistic web sites and marvel on the power of information we could collect!  And were struggling to figure out what to do with it 🙂  Now, it looks like we figured out that we need the information (still not using it wisely across the industry  in my opinion 🙂  ), we want even more power, and… have more tags.  Websites became also more complex.  The dream of the universal tag will probably remain a dream, so new kind of services emerged – tag-management systems, such as Ensighten.

Tag management system offers a great promise of managing tags without IT involvement, quickly add and remove vendors’ tags and add modifications, and generally be ready to “whatever comes next.

Tag management solutions seem to be reasonable for enterprise sites with many components, and tags of different vendors – what makes sense.  My personal opinion: it is a product of the future – if right now almost half of the sites have two tags or less, and 48% have three tags – the pain is not quite felt yet, but it is definitely coming.  Though in my personal experience tags were missed…  though the reasons why they were missed were more organizational, which could be addresses by business process rather than technology…  the technology would not help in some situations.

Though it is nice to know that the technology exists!


2 thoughts on “Web Analytics Wednesday – tag management

  1. Thank you for referencing Ensighten and the WAD whitepaper. One quick clarification on the statistic you mentioned from the whitepaper: the number of tags on sites are limited to analytics tags. This number does not include ad serving, VOC (Voice of Customer) or MVT (Multivariate Testing) tags which virtually all Ensighten customers manage with our technology in addition to analytics tagging.

    Additionally, I loved your comments about the lack of business process around tagging as this is huge problem for companies as well. Often companies are not even aware of all the tags on their sites or what they do, let alone if they are properly implemented. To help shed some light on some of these issues we are co-hosting a webinar with ObservePoint and LendingTree on June 1st to discuss the best practices for auditing and managing vendor tags. We encourage anyone that is interested in the topic to register here: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/562708214.

    Thanks again for writing this post!

  2. I do agree – we don’t always know what all tags on all pages are… I can count 4 different type of tags on our current site… and my insatiable desire to add maybe a couple more. From another side, some pages are missing at least one category of tags, or even all – and these pages are very difficult to discover (at least in my experience 😉 ).

    I still think that adoption of tag management systems are a couple of years away, but I might be wrong 🙂

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