CATFOA – Hyper Island and the future of digital marketing

An interesting discussion with more questions than answers… or, rather no answers in the nearest future.  The perception of Hyper Island USA Managing Director Anders Sjostedt (@anderssjostedt) about the current (and future) state of digital marketing was quite clear – the future is unknown.

Hyper Island is a school started in Sweden in the beginning of digital revolution to prepare employees for the industry.  The school was started not by an educational institution, but by an organization that could not find qualified employees and resided it had no choice but to train rather then hire.  The result was a school with an unusual approach and growing popularity. The popularity contributed to the creation of a 3-day master course for agencies and corporations which is highly regarded in Europe and recently expanded to the US.

The “representation” of a school is also unusual – a video produced by the students and found on YouTube became the organization’s official video.

The main paradigm of the conversation – including questions from the audience – was probably “there is no map – explore…  everybody is doing the same.”

It is not digital what is important – the fundamental changes in the environment are important. Digital is just the “current” or “platform” that can be used to address these changes. But how?  Experiment.

A few questions from the audience hoped for a specific “formula” that can be used…  If you would create a brand-new agency now, what roles would the employees have? Agencies used to have certain structure and employees could fairly easily move around, now everything is different… and nothing is clear…  I thought about asking about a “brand-new corporate digital department”  🙂   The answer would have been the same – there are no answers… if somebody has an answer now, it will be outdated tomorrow.

Oh, our wonderful times of organizational confusion 🙂  The downside is unpredictability and constant change…  The upside is universal confusion – everybody face it, and no degrees or courses will give answers.  Hyper Island seems to try to teach how to accept the life of questions…


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