Book – Empowered

Excellent book! The book is a “sequel” to the other wonderful book – Groundswell.  The authors bring research, understanding of the modern business environment, and highly effective case studies together in a form that is fascinating to read (or listen). It was the first book I listened through, and it definitely not the last.

The main point of the book is rather brilliant.  Social technologies empowered customers to communicate to companies in the unprecedented manner; companies need to respond, and employees empowered by the same technologies is the best response.

The new empowered employee – a HERO (Highly Energized Resourceful Operative) – is the most important force in company’s arsenal of business tools to respond to modern customers.  The book has many case studies of successful organizations that used the power of HEROs.

However, the HEROs need an environment, which would allow them to respond to customer needs. This environment is provided by three forces – a “HERO Compact” between HEROs, Managers, and IT. Each part of the compact need to play its role in helping the organization to succeed in the new environment.

Though the emphasis in the book is given to a changing role of IT, I think that empowered customers and HEROs rushing to respond also change the role of marketing and PR.  Marketing, just as IT, used to be fully responsible for promotional activities of the organization, and now marketing could (and in some cases does not have any other choice) rely on support of others in the organization. It is a different approach suitable for the different business era, constantly changing around us.


Hero project evaluation – a tool designed to help evaluate potential project ‘s feasibility and its benefit for the organization.  The tool allows not to overlook accidentally some of the business questions that need to be answered before the project is ready for implementation.

Book overview – a mini overview of basic concepts of the book, and a blog with updates on the concepts, examples, and other interesting ideas.