MIMA – 2011 Digital Strategic Planning

Times are clearly changing… Even if MIMA is Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, we are now mostly discussing digital marketing – and it makes sense.

The event was as usually useful; Andrew Eklund discussed the survey of local digital marketing community and shared his ideas. A few most interesting points from my perspective are below:

  • Generally digital strategies are flexible – there is understanding among marketers in the trenches and executives that digital business environment is changing too fast.

  • Most people in the survey believed that current digital strategy does not give answers to core strategic concerns – this is curious point – we do need to pay attention to connection of our beloved field with business objectives… and not to “fall in love” with specific tactics or tools our companies may not need
  • Too many marketers now are waiting to act – everything needs to be perfect…  But it will never happen, we do need to try and learn from the results
  • One of the most useful points was the language we, digital marketers, use to describe our efforts. Andrew highlighted unneeded complexity, that can be easily removed

  • Digital marketing metrics should “tell a story” relevant from the business perspective, provide actionable data
  • The obvious highlight: IT and marketing should work together – shared metrics are needed
  • Andrew’s tip: executives love funnels 😉
  • Quite interesting perception of social media, which is understood as important. Centralized social marketing efforts are not scalable… Social media is not just marketing function – it should be part of the organization scalability.  The recommended role of marketing is educating the organization on social media use and providing digital knowledge/analysis support, rather than “running” one centralized Facebook and twitter account. Social media efforts can be more beneficial for the business if they are scalable with the organization growth…

The entire presentation is available on SlideShare


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