Un-Marketing – Book

Love the Un-Marketing book!  The book is full of colorful stories of mistakes and triumphs, interesting examples, and can be used for very tactical tips by businesses large and small.

Plus, the book is very entertaining to read… from another side, if a person achieved success in the area of social media, he would know how to communicate with the target audience in the most effective manner 🙂

My notes for future use:

  • Email newsletter welcome…   an unusual message encourages at least 40% of subscribers to indicate their industry…  Scott suggests it can be copied 😉

Email subscription is prominent on the page and also implies benefit, rather than offers to subscribe to a hypothetical newsletter.


Welcome email itself as it appears in the mailbox…


“Do you know that Zappos.com allows their phone representatives to source a product for a customer even if they don’t carry it and it is from one of their competitors?”

No… I did not…  This approach would be considered unthinkable by many companies 😉

  • FreshBooks approach to customer support:

Everyone who starts at FrestBooks – mo matter their role… starts by doing customer support for at least two month. There’s no better way to get to know the product and our customers than talking to them and answering questions. Four days a week, a new hire’s job is to pick up the phone, answer email, and respond to forum posts. When someone graduates from support, he or she is still responsible for one day on support about once every three weeks or so…

“Why you can’t learn from millionaires…  You can take tips and inspiration, but… their opinion may not be as practical with today’s tools…”

Great point when new products/brands/initiatives are attempting to “learn from the success” of already established products/brands/initiatives and ignore new opportunities…

  • The idea of collecting a list of people interested in a certain give-away for the future marketing… not only immediate list generation. Video can be included.
  • A company needs to be ready for success – what would happen if the interest in the offering is high?  Would the server, fulfillment, etc. capacity be sufficient?
  • The Time Moviehttp://thetimemovie.com/ – viral – viewed over 4 million times – author made more than $100,000 in product revenue from the movie.  One of the recommendations from the expert to the author: change “submit” to “I deserve more!” – conversions increase – 8%.

Landing page copy and call to action – after the movie


  • Importance of landing pages (with possible embedded YouTube videos) to assure that the visitors are easily transferred into the conversion funnel.

Bob, as promised, the book is now yours 😉


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