Un marketing – Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast was always lovely, but during last six months I could not attend a single event (too busy at work during business hours).  Social Media Breakfast in the evening was marvelous!  I could finally make it, and I was very glad I did 😉

Lovely evening, great speaker, and even a free book to read!  Long live Social Media Supper!  🙂

Scott Stratten happened to be an excellent speaker with interesting (and often hilarious) observations to share.

While I have not read the book yet, my notes from the presentation are below:

  • Twitter is marketing, sales, customer service, hr tool… It is just a tool that can be used by different people for different purposes. If your product “sucks” – it “sucks” more in social media.
  • Don’t have a presence without being present..  Creating an account and never (or very rarely) replying to questions from the customers/prospects is not a good idea…
  • “…can we not sync Twitter and Facebook updates?”  😉
  • If you take longer to answer Twitter than to send a letter – you are doing it wrong
  • Be present – do not automate things….  This is the same as sending a manikin to the networking event…
  • Marketing is everything you do in front of people who know that you work somewhere…
  • Marketing starts with recruitment – who we hire for our companies…
  • Do you believe in social media?  It is not a religion…  It is happening…  It is similar to ignoring hurricane…
  • Twitter – worst marketing tool but the best relationship building tool… “I have been online since 1994 and I have not found a better place to connect to people than Twitter”
  • People spread emotion – if you evoke it – they will share it. People love awesome – they will spread awesome. (Nooooooooooooooo.com – a very “popular” site allowing to express an emotion…  all it has is one button 😉  )
  • “Pull over posts” – blog posts so interesting that they entice people to pull over to read the post rather than continue driving to their destination.
  • Stop thinking about what is next  – look at your email sign up…  Was it inadequate since 2006?  😉  What is the automatic message people receive after sign up?
  • B-to-B: “Twitter is horrible for closing deals but great for starting them”
  • “If you have 50 followers on Twitter and get something out of it – do it!”  The best measurement of success is independent of what others do.
  • People do business with people they know and trust – for centuries…  We are the same people… We just use different tools…

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