Mobile Web Design for Dummies – Mobile Twin Cities

Another wonderful event at Mobile Twin Cities!  Authors of the book Mobile Web Design for Dummies gave a few tips on mobile design and answered questions.

Lisa Foote from also shared her impressions from the latest mobile conference. Mix Mobi sponsored a delicious snack – thank you!!

Lisa’s perception of the conference was not as enthusiastic as I expected; she noted that companies are struggling to find business models and location became a standard feature of mobile efforts. Lisa has a very interesting email ti mobile conversion tool… which I need to find time to investigate… 😉

Tips from the event:

to app or not to app?

Too much attention to apps and not enough to web sites

– App challenges
– Not cross platform
– Approval by apple
– Changeability

Mobile web is as alternative to apps – Mobile web is coming to age

Strategies of translation of regular pages to mobile

1. Do nothing .. Transcoders try to modify, but not quite right
2. Design for high end only – based on the audience

– HTML 5 and CSS 3 readiness chart
– including a drawing application existing In HTML 5
– app-like things are now possible with the web

3. Work for some people

– a “regular” site for desktop and a very simple mobile site for low-end phones

4. Multiple versions

– big budget – detection of the device and serving a site suitable for this device

Design tips:

– which devices to detect? Depends on budget…

– determine which devices are used to access the site and optimize for the top few

stub-ups basic apps to point to a web site just to make sure something is in the iTunes store…. Just a link will not be accepted, but a primitive app will

– examples of web sites: BBC  ( many mobile sites use blue – it is better visible on mobile devise ) Discovery – disappointing lack of rich media on the mobile

– orientation of mobile devices to design the site – sites adapts well to changing orientation

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