MIMA – Integrated Communications Panel

The integrated communications panel came to the conclusion that marketers still have room for improvement in integration, and this room is not shrinking fast enough 😉

Andrew Eklund,  the moderator, started from the introduction of media ecology changes improvised from one of MIMA summit presentations a couple of years ago.

Media Ecology 1975 was much simpler (though this understanding still present in media plans now)

Media Ecology 2008 became more complex…

Media Ecology in the nearest future…. will be complex 😉

Integration is necessary.

However, the spend is still disproportionally in traditional marketing channels, even if consumers migrating to the new channels faster and faster.

Agencies are trying to use tactics based on their competencies rather than any other considerations, what prevents them from being completely objective. Possible solutions in the future: an agency “integrator” or clients developing integrating competency in-house.

I personally think that competency would have to be developed in-house for some companies – particularly companies in complex industries that can not be quickly understood by outside agent.

From another side – client as an integrator would be similar to building a house without a general contractor…

Marketing landscape is changing very fast – trends are appearing in unpredictable directions; this environment requires constant experimentation.

However, the technology changes and opportunities to communicate changes – human behavior remains the same – all new communication opportunities is the incarnation of fundamental human needs and desires.

Oh, breakfast was absolutely marvelous!

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