Book – Linchpin

So far I read three of Seth Godin’s books, and wish I had time to read more… 😉

Linchpin is a different book comparing to the rest – it is not a book for marketers to help us do our job better, but it is a book for employees and businesses to help us all to benefit more from doing our jobs.

Though some recommendations seem obvious (I was following similar guidelines instinctively for over a decade), the book is very realistic. An average marketer does not have to be the star of the industry  to benefit from the ideas, and an average company does not have to be a well-funded startup to maximize its employees’ potential.

A couple of interesting points from the book:

Passion isn’t project-specific. It’s people-specific. … Perhaps your challenge isn’t finding a better project or a better boss. Perhaps you need to get in touch with what it means to feel passionate.  People with passion look for ways to make things happen.

If I meet you at a party, I hope you’ll ask me for free marketing advice.  I’m always amazed that people are willing to listen to what I have to say and I’m happy to share. The act of giving the gift is worth more to me than it may be to you to receive.

My favorite point is Seth’s approach to ideas. He notes that when people complain that they don’t have any good ideas, he is asking how many bad ideas they have…  We need to have a number of bad ideas for some of them to be good…. and then act.

Isn’t it wonderful?  I always have a dozen of bad ideas! 😉


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