Unsummit – 4

Unsummit – a free “unconference” that in my opinion is better than some of “regular” conferences – attendees and presenters are driven by passion for our beloved interactive marketing. Regular conferences, I must admit, typically have wider variety of unhealthy food 😉   However, food for thoughts that unsummit provides is absolutely irresistible…

Interesting (from my point of view):


  • Comments on Foursquare are more positive than on Yelp – maybe because less space is available, (or difficulties typing on mobile devices 🙂  )
  • Foursquare was created with the business model in mind (advertising channel for business allowing customer interaction)
  • Starbacks is the first major brand to use Foursquare
  • Foursquare rejected Yahoo and Facebook acquisition bids
  • Current growth of Foursquare outperforms the growth of Twitter (fastest registered)
  • Foursquare is far beyond its competition (Facebook might be attempting to acquire http://gowalla.com/, which is rather behind)
  • Wall Street Journal broke suspicious package/evacuation news on Foursquare
  • 60%-80% of Foursquare users tie their account to Twitter
  • Back-end analytics for businesses is already available (including Google-type option for agencies to manage multiple clients)

The question: how to drive online activities to off-line purchases?

However… Pepsi tried to partner with Foursquare, could not manage the execution and opted for its own network

Challenges of using Foursquare:

  • monitoring required, what is significant time investment
  • over-couponing becomes online spam
  • Businesses: specials can run out in restaurants; training of personnel is needed

Social media monitoring:

  • Following competitors is a good idea, but what if competitors are running unsuccessful program?
  • Studying social activity of completely different businesses, which target the same audience is highly beneficial (US Army borrowing ideas from music sites targeted to teenagers


  • Teens: average SMS volume per month 2,272 (incoming-outgoing); just 7% of teens are on Tweeter (wow…  it is significant – I personally generated just 1,800 tweets in a couple of years…)
  • Mobile Fundraising application (used by presenters) – http://www.mobilecause.com
  • Presenters found youth is about 3 times more likely to click on mobile message than email

A few curious ideas:

  • Branding… based on research, well-designed products create belief that they have higher functional quality… however, how important is it when consumer comments are more influential than marketer’s  efforts?
  • UDE – useless design element. Designers sometimes complicate designs with complex features that do not have any function – the question “how this element helps to achieve the business goal of the design?” can be asked.  If the designer can not answer the question, the design belongs to the category of art rather than marketing.
  • Quite a few people sported iPads – a significant (and surprising) increase from the last local conference I attended three months ago.  One presenter connected iPad with PowerPoint to the projector for his presentation… I want and iPad… but I don’t have time to learn how to use it 😉

It was a pleasure to see friends, local industry leaders, and other interactive marketing enthusiasts…  I am looking forward to the next Unsummit!

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