MIMA – Crowd Source – User Generated Content

Though I thought this event was more beneficial for agency players, it also had quite a few useful  nuggets for corporate marketers.


Paradigm shift based on technology and networking opened opportunities for those who have never had them before to showcase their creative talent… Freelancers are used more often and curator class is on the rise. In the creative world, the question is who is the professional and who is armature..

Companies understand the opportunity of crowd sourcing to generate innovative ideas, but the expense of curators can be immense because of volume of materials and lack of knowledge of the most productive “crowd.”  Victors and Spoils becoming the “curator in chief” – helping clients to find innovative ideas from the crowd “on-budget, on-strategy, on-time.”

The curious fact from my perspective was perception of crowdsourcing as an “event” or “project” with a very specific goal – an implementable idea. My view of crowdsourcing is wider – I perceive it as an engagement strategy that company can choose – an opportunity to communicate with fans rather than restricted move to solve creative problems with the best qualified pool of talent.

However, solving creative problems with the best qualified pool of talent has a clear and understandable ROI.  Who can argue with that?  😉

2 thoughts on “MIMA – Crowd Source – User Generated Content

  1. Yes, everyone is equally empowered with a click of the mouse. We old-time, creative types are part of an even bigger virtual universe now. Like all technological change, this has its pros and cons. The successful will adapt to the “crowd.”

  2. I do agree… as a marketer, I see benefits from a global creative competition, but as a citizen I am concerned for professionals who suddenly lost marketability of their expertise…

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